Linda Sanborn
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 30

About Linda


Linda Sanborn has a B.S. in Microbiology from Michigan State University and earned her Medical Degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago. She considers herself fortunate to have had the privilege to practice family medicine for 25 years in Gorham, Maine, retiring in 2007. Linda lives in Gorham with her husband, Jeff, a Gorham native. Linda and Jeff have three adult sons and one precious granddaughter.

Having been elected to the Maine State Legislature in 2008, Linda served two terms on the Health and Human Services Committee and two terms on Appropriations and Financial Affairs. She has served on the Joint Select Committee on Health Care Reform Opportunities and Implementation, Child Care Advisory Council, HIV Advisory Committee, Substance Abuse Services Commission, the Health Care Exchange Advisory Committee, and a Roundtable on Aging.

In her community, Linda is active on the Missions, Social Justice and Chicken Pie committees at the First Parish Gorham U.C.C. Linda is the current President of the Leavitt’s Mill Free Health Center in Buxton, a member of the Maine Lung Cancer Coalition, and a Corporator for Gorham Savings Bank.

Thoughtful Leadership

Linda Sanborn is running for the Maine Senate to represent Gorham, Scarborough, and Buxton with thoughtful, credible leadership. Linda's experience in Gorham as a family care doctor, and in the Legislature as a champion for health care and for seniors, means that she understands how important it is to have a Senator in Augusta representing the best interests of our community.

Too many elected officials are more concerned with getting their name in the paper than getting anything done --we need Linda Sanborn in the Senate to make sure someone is focused on the needs of Maine people.


On the Issues

Jobs and the Economy

Linda is committed to making sure that everyone in Maine has access to a good paying job. To that end, Linda strongly supports implementing the minimum wage increase that Maine voters passed in 2016. One of the main opportunities she will capitalize on for job growth is renewable energy, and she has already supported a great bill to support solar energy investments in Maine during her final term in the House. She supports Medicaid Expansion, which will create 6,000 jobs in the healthcare field. These jobs will not only create a healthier population, they will also bolster our economy, with these new salaries being spent in local communities.


Linda introduced the first bill to expand Mainecare in the state, and she’s never stopped working to ensure that people are able to access quality, affordable health care when they need it. She knows better than most how important it is that everyone is able to see a doctor when they need care.

Money in Politics

Linda is a Clean Elections candidate, which means she is not allowed to accept any big donations or corporate money. The only money she can raise for her campaign must come from $5 donations from people right here in the district. Linda really believes that the only way to make government work for everyone is if elected officials are accountable to the people, not to special interests. Click here to donate to Linda's people-powered campaign.


One of Linda’s priorities is ensuring quality public education, for Mainers throughout their lifetimes. Linda is committed to building a pathway to family supporting jobs that keep families right here in Maine. Linda knows the value of our teachers, and is committed to making sure that they are well trained, and paid fairly.


See what people in your community are saying about Linda.

Sheri Faber - Gorham

"Linda is committed to improving access to health care and will work hard to implement the expansion of Mainecare. She will bring her years of experience as a doctor and in the Legislature to make Maine a place that recognizes the importance of medical care for all of our residents."

Greg Hanscom - Scarborough

"Sanborn pushed back hard against Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed cuts to revenue sharing with local government and fought for increased school funding. She supports increased access to health insurance for Maine people, and her credibility on the subject, as a medical doctor, is unimpeachable."

Thomas Pryor - Gorham

"Dr. Sanborn will also be a strong voice for our schools, day care centers and Main Street businesses."

Virginia Wilder Cross - Gorham

"Linda knows our community and its needs. For 25 years, she and her family have lived in Gorham where, as a family physician, Linda connected with many of us in a very personal way. As a result, she understands how important access to affordable health care is for all Mainers."

Melissa Caminiti - Gorham

"I trust her to work collaboratively with her legislative peers and other community stakeholders to identify and implement creative solutions to expand access to health care."

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